New Items at the Library

Death On The Downs by Simon Brett is the second book in the Fethering Mystery series.  In this book, Carole seeks shelter from a raging storm in an abandoned old barn where she discovers a bag of human bones.  While police are investigating, Carole and her friend, Jude decides to try to solve the mystery of the rumored, missing young girl, Tamsin Lutteridge on their own. Is it really her or is she alive and well?

Falls Like Lightning by Shawn Grady is filled with action and romance. Silas, a smokejumper and Elle, a pilot, dated in the past but the relationship fizzled. Now together on a wild ride trying to douse the burning forest fires, Silas and Elle have a second chance at love. A few ruthless smokejumpers have found gold and they will do anything and everything to get at it. Will Elle and Silas end up together or even make it out alive?

Food, Health and Happiness by Oprah Winfrey is filled with scrumptious, healthy and easy to prepare recipes that she loves.  It features some of her favourite chefs, wonderful memories and a behind-the-scenes look into her life and kitchen.  Oprah spills good and bad moments about her past weight loss experiences and helps people realize that eating healthy does not have to be complicated.  Oprah has also included the Weight Watchers SmartPoints for each of the recipes.

Dancing Backwards – A Social History of Canadian Women in Politics speaks of more than two dozen women in leadership roles in Canadian history. Sharon Carstairs and Tim Higgins write the first complete history of Canadian women in politics.  This book depicts the last 130 years of women’s political history in chronological order.  It shows the many obstacles that women faced when entering politics.  The different experiences of politics between men and women are astounding!

Sweet Olive is an inspirational book written by Judy Christie. In a small town, Samford, Louisiana, Camille Gardener is back to help her uncle in the oil and gas business.  All she really wants is to work in an art gallery in Denver especially since she had the worst month of her life in Samford.  While Camille is trying to entice the rural landowners to sell their mineral rights she also finds herself attracted to the local folk art made by the landowners and to Marsh Cameron, the lawyer representing the landowners.  What’s important to Camille, her future and career or her family obligation to the town of Samford.