New Items at the Library

The Burning Room, volume 19 of the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly has Detectives Bosch and Soto having to find evidence from a crime with a twist.  A bullet that was expected to be a stray was lodged in the victim’s spine and he dies from complications from that injury 10 years after the crime.  The LAPD’s Open-Unsolved Unit has their work cut out for them to solve this crime.  As they start to search for evidence they discover that the bullet was not random.  But there are much deeper secrets than this shooting.

Michael & Kathleen O’Neal Gear have paired up again in a new series, Morning Star Trilogy. Their second book in this trilogy, Sun Born delves into the Cahokian civilization within the North American continent. The Cahokian city has long been defended by Morning Star, a god resurrected in the body of a living man.  A rival comes to the city that is from a technologically advanced culture, will their god be able to save them?

Leaving Everything Most Loved by Jacqueline Winspear is the 10th volume in the Maisie Dobbs series.  Out of desperation the deceased’s brother contacts Maisie Dobbs for closure in how his sister Usha Pramal died.  It is clear that Scotland Yard has not conducted a full investigation into her death.  As Maisie seeks for the reason to her death, she discovers that the contrast between the two cultures makes things even more difficult.  While uncovering answers, another lodger from the hostel is found murdered.  Will Maisie be able to get to the bottom of these deaths?

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ book Love & Respect in the Family shares how he has raised his own family within Biblical truths.  He hopes to share with others through this book how a family can turn the family crazy cycle of conflict into an energizing, rewarding home life.

On the Best Sellers listing, is Bruce Henderson’s Sons and Soldiers where he shows the courage of six young Jewish men that made a tremendous difference in the fight against the Nazis.  After these young men, boys really, escaped the Nazis they joined the US Army to fight against Hitler.  They trained at the Maryland camp and they were part of what was known as the Ritchie Boys.  They were able to master the German language and psychology and were put to task interrogating German prisoners of war.  They also leapt at the chance to be out in the field and they gathered key tactical intelligence on enemy strength, troop and armored movements and defensive positions.  After the war, a report showed that nearly 60% of the credible information that had been gather was by the Ritchie boys.  This is presently only a 2-week loan period, so make sure to put it as a priority to read when you take it home.