New Items at the Library

 What’s New at Library Allard!

 The Cast by Danielle Steel is a story about a woman named Kait Whittier who built a magazine column into an extremely respected read followed by fans across the world. With grown children and 2 divorces, she is focusing on her career and has no time for romance. This quickly changes when she meets a television producer who becomes very interested in her work. Will this unexpected twist be the thing she has been missing in her life?

The Barbecue Collection written by The Canadian Living Test Kitchen is a great tool to use to try new things! This book is jam packed with hundreds of recipes for all types of meal ideas. These delicious recipes include: brochettes and Kabobs; Burgers, sandwiches, and sausages; steak, chops and ribs; roasts; poultry; fish and seafood; grilled vegetables, cheeses, and breads; salads and sides; sauces, marinades and rubs, and more!

 Linwood Barclay’s book A Noise Downstairs is a story about a college professor named Paul Davis. Paul was driving home one night, when he came across an individual dumping, what it looked like, was 2 bodies. After nearly losing his own life that evening, he now suffers from PTSD, depression, and severe problems at work. His wife surprises him with a vintage typewriter to try and cheer him up. She bought it to inspire him to start on that novel he’s always wanted to write. Paul is surprised to hear the typewriter typing by itself at night, could it be possessed? Could it be connected to the murders Paul witnessed a year before?

Women Talking by Miriam Toews is a story about eight Mennonite women who conduct a meeting to plan their escape. During the past two years, each of these women, and more than a hundred other girls have been repeatedly violated during the night by the men in the colony. When the men set off to the city, the women have their chance. Will they escape the place they endured all the abuse and start their lives over or will they stay because it’s all they know?