New Items at the Library

The People vs. Alex Cross by James Patterson is book 25 in the Alex Cross series. It is a story about detective Alex Cross who is known as a successful detective on the force, a wonderful husband, and father and a well-liked citizen in his community. Cross is being charged with murder following a shooting while he was on the job. The prosecution believes when Cross shot and killed 2 individuals, it was done in cold blood with murderous intentions out of rage. He firmly denies those accusations and sticks to his story that he fired his weapon in self-defense.

With is family by his side, can he prove to the jurors that he’s innocent?

Pauline Dakin’s book Run, Hide, Repeat is a memoir of 2 children who lived their lives as fugitives. Their mother uprooted them twice during their childhood and without warning. They were not allowed to say goodbye to their friends, teachers, and family members. No one knew where they were hiding and why. Many years later, their mother finally revealed they’d been running from the Mafia and were receiving protection from a crime task force. Something didn’t seem right… could there be something else going on that she has not told them?

Wonder by R. J. Palacio, is a book about a 10 year old boy named Auggie who was born with distorted facial features called craniofacial difference which is caused by an anomaly in his DNA. This story touches on the struggles Auggie goes through during his childhood, and what it’s like for him when he leaves the safety of his parents’ homeschooling and begins attending a New York private school.

Anne Mahon writes about hope, resilience and life after gangs in her book Redemption. This book touches on nine personal life stories from ex-gang members that surprises and inspires along the way. These stories tell of years of neglect, abuse and a life living in poverty however, they learned of peace, love and healing as well.

Portrait of Vengeance by Carrie Stuart Parks is book 4 of the Gwen Marcey series. This story has detective, Gwen Marcey working the investigation of a missing little girl. This case has troubling similarities to her childhood traumas. Her investigation brings her to a small community in Lapwai, where it’s clear she’s an unwanted guest which makes it difficult to find answers.

Will Gwen find the little girl before it’s too late?