Summer Reading Program

2021 Summer Reading Program!

This program is geared for children ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old. We aim to help children become interested in reading and keep their reading levels up over the summer through play, and crafts! The theme this year: DREAM BIG!

The program will run online through a zoom platform every Thursday from 1:00pm-2pm at the library.

Each week we will be exploring a new topic. You will receive a schedule so you know what to expect each week.

At the beginning of each week, we will have a craft package set up for each child to pick up at the library. The supplies in the package will be needed for that following Thursday!   

You will have access to filling in your weekly reading logs online and submitting them. Click here to access your WEEKLY READING LOG

There are 3 reading prizes to enter. You will receive 1 ballot each week if you submit your weekly reading log with a minimum of 150 minutes, all summer! The form will ask you which prize out of the 3 you would like to enter when you submit your reading logs.  All children who sign up, will receive a book of their choice at the end of the program.  On the last day of the program, prizes will be drawn and the winners posted.  Children will be able to pick up their book prize at the library. If your child reads a minimum of 150 minutes each week for the entire summer, he or she will receive a Library Champion sign to display in their yard 🙂

Benefits this year… accessing reading logs online will allow families to submit their weekly reading logs with ease wherever the summer takes you!

To register for the program please CLICK HERE!


Summer Reading Program a success!

This years’ Summer Reading Program was a success! The program ran over 7 weeks.  We had 12 children participate each week by reading at home with their families, and sending in their weekly reading logs and they participated in 2 crafts/activities each week . With each log entered, they received a ballot to enter into one of the 3 weekly reading prizes. Congratulations to the prize winners! Each child will get a new book for their efforts! Way to go everyone 🙂 The children read a total of 19, 398 minutes! WOW!

You can view our prize pulling video below!


Week 1 – Kick off Week! The first 2 games/crafts for the summer are “Matching Game with SRC images” and “Create a Butterfly Suncatcher“.

Instructions: Matching Game instructionsbutterfly sun catcher instructions


Week 2 – Balloon Week! The next 2 games/crafts for the summer are “Marshmallow Shooters” and “Balloon Tennis“.

Instructions: Marshmallow Shooters instructions, Balloon Tennis instructions



Week 3 – Paper Plate Creations! This weeks games/crafts for the kids to create are “Paper Plate Ring Toss” and “Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe“.

Instructions: Paper PLate Ring Toss instructions    Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe instructions



Week 4 – Get Out & Explore! This week is full of adventure. The kids are taking part in an “Outdoor Scavenger Hunt” and are learning the ways of a bird by creating “A Birds Nest for your Backyard“. Sounds easy right… you’ll see!

Instructions: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt instructions   Building a Birds nest instructions


Week 5 – Water Balloon Challenges! This week is full of fun and excitement… oh and WATER!. The kids are encouraged to change into bathing suits for these 2 activities,“Water Balloon Volleyball” and “Water Balloon Piñata

Instructions: Water Balloon Volleyball instructions   Water Balloon Pinata instructions


Week 6 – We are featuring LEGO Challenges!😁
Our 2 activities are “Lego Bingo” & “Roll & Build Lego Challenges”
Using Lego from home, challenge yourself or a friend or family member!
Trinity made a slice of pizza🍕, a house🏠, a time machine🕢, and a waterpark!💦



Week 7 – Hard to believe we are into our final week. This week the kids are making “DIY Creations
The crafts are 🌙“Create your own Dreamcatcher” and they’ll be making a “First Day of School” frame🚍
Instructions: How to Make a dreamcatcher instructions   First Day of School Frame instructions

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