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Mission, Vision and Equity Statements

Last Updated 2021/06/30

Mission Statement The Bibliotheque Allard Regional Library facilitates public access to library resources, programs, and services that enhance personal knowledge, the joy of reading, and quality of life. Vision Statement The Bibliotheque Allard Regional Library fosters an enriched, informed, and connected regional community, through the united service of our two branches.  Our vibrant meeting places

New masks available for purchase

Last Updated 2020/12/02

Masks Available at Your Local Library Masks are a part of our everyday living now and in the near future.  ‘The CDC and World Health Organization recommend people wear a cloth mask in public when social distancing. So how good is a good cloth mask? The best homemade cloth masks actually achieved better filtration (79

Library Membership Form

Last Updated 2020/05/05

Did you know that you could have free access to eBooks and audiobooks through Bibliothèque Allard Library and Victoria Beach Branch? eLibraries has thousands of titles available in both formats and multiple languages.  The website address is https://www.elm.lib.overdrive.com , they also have a user friendly App called Libby.  All you’re missing is a user name

Library Update at both branches

Last Updated 2021/09/13

 Library Allard  Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library is OPEN to the public.  The library’s click and collect service is still available for those who prefer this service. Our library hours are: Tuesdays             10:30 am to 5 pm Wednesdays       Noon to 8 pm Thursdays           Noon to 8 pm Fridays                 Noon


Last Updated 2021/08/17

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Last Updated 2017/09/14

See our library hours and contact information.


Last Updated 2021/02/03

Under the Library Board’s Policies and Procedures, Allard Library and Victoria Beach Branch are allowed to take donations of books that have been published in the last three years. Exceptions to the rule: Material can be used as reference material for local history; Material is part of a series that is missing; and/or The material

Volunteers Wanted

Last Updated 2017/09/14

The libraries are non-profit organizations and rely heavily on the contributions from its funding partners and the community. If you are interested in aiding your public library here are a few ideas: Sponsor the purchase of a magazine subscription annually Donate gently used books, DVDs and audiobooks that are less than 3 years old Volunteering either

Photos of the Library

Last Updated 2017/09/14

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History of the Library

Last Updated 2017/09/14

Located in the rural community of St- Georges, Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library is the main library for the R.M. of Alexander, Town of Powerview-Pine Falls and RM of Victoria Beach. It is a busy and growing facility offering essential community services. Allard Library is an exceptional community space. Serving members of the community, from the