Search the Library Catalogue

We are pleased to provide our users with access to an online database to search our resources from the comfort of home or the office.

You will find our complete index online so users can always research from a place and time that is most convenient to them.

Use our catalogues to find books, movies, magazines and more that might help with your research:

Destiny Quest is an online search engine for your local library.  Some of the benefits to you are:

  1. You can search to determine if your library carries the book(s) you are looking for by the simple click of a button;
  2. You can put a hold on a book if another patron is using it, so you will be notified when it is available;
  3. You can renew your own book(s) when it is convenient for you;
  4. You can track the books that you have read;
  5. You can create a wish list of the books that you want to read (don’t have to trust your memory, you now have a resource to fall back on); and
  6. You can add your friends to your site and make recommendations on books to them.

Read the Destiny Tutorial [PDF].