Family Literacy Day

Updated 2021/12/21

2022/01/18 @ 12:00 pm – 2022/01/27 @ 12:00 pm

Family Literacy Day takes place January 27th, 2022 to raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging in literacy activities as a family. This year’s theme is Learning in the Great Outdoors!

Make outdoor time, fun family learning time with these 5 activity ideas!

1. Outdoor Treasure Look & Find
Gather your family members and go on a walk together and see what types of treasures you can find.
2. Head in the Clouds Look at the different clouds in the sky and see if the shapes of the clouds look like familiar objects, such as animals or people.
3. Number Walk
As you put on your shoes, choose something you want to count during your walk. It could be dogs, trees, stop signs, cars—anything you want! On your walk, count how many you can find.
4. Snow Art
Use emptied dish soap bottles filled with water and food coloring to write messages and draw in the snow.
5. A Course of Course
Build an obstacle course in your yard and draw a map of how to go through it from beginning to end.

Take a picture or video of your family participating in one or more of these activities and submit them to to win a family prize!