Allard 2.5 km & 5 km Walk/Run for Literacy

Updated 2019/04/04

2019/05/25 @ 9:00 am
Library Allard
104086 PTH 11
Jen Kemball

walk runIn a celebration of fitness and the goal of literacy, Library Allard is holding its fifth annual Walk/Run on May 25, 2019 at 9 am as a fundraiser to be able to keep the extended library hours.  Runners young and old can take on this community challenge in support of their local library.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to join the other walkers/runners in support of literacy and fundraising.  It’s even better if you have planned for the event and know what you can expect that morning.

Why Support This Event

  • Patron requests to extend hours at both branches (since this even started in 2014, Allard Library has been able to extend its hours every Saturday an additional 1.5 hours and Victoria Beach Branch has opened a third day of the week for patron access through shuffling of existing hours and the additional 1 hour per week earned).  To maintain those additional hours the library needs to raise a minimum of $2,000 every year
  • Community outreach – libraries are encouraged to hold community events that raise awareness of their libraries and the value they represent
  • Literacy – any opportunity for the public to have access to books and programs that promote literacy is a positive one

Event Start Time

All participants will start at 9 am. Be prepared and ready at the start line for 8:45 am.

Registering for the Walk/Run

Interested in participating and want to find out more details?  No registration fee is required. The library is requesting that each participant receive pledges at a minimum of $50 to partake in the 5 km walk/run or if they choose to enter the 2.5 km walk/run each participant would need to raise a minimum of $25.

Participants wanting to use baby strollers/joggers must notify race officials/staff at the time of registration.  Strollers/joggers will need an additional identification number.  Additional identification numbers are available for bags upon request.

IMPORTANT:  If a child remains in a stroller/jogger the entire walk/run length then an additional pledge for is not required.  If the child walks/runs for part of the event than an additional pledge form is compulsory.  The child will receive a different identification number upon registration.

New forms will be available in the spring, 2018.

2 5 km Entry Form 2019 2 5 km Entry Form 2019

5 km Entry Form 2019 5 km Entry Form 2019

Pledge form 2019 Pledge form 2019

Access to Start and Finish Areas

You’ll find out what areas to keep access free for parking.  Other important information regarding toilets, water,  recovery and medical services can be found here

Rules of the Road

Find out the rules of courtesy that must be followed to ensure the safety of the participants, volunteers, cheerleaders and organizers.


A map can be viewed here2016 Walk Run Route 001, please refer back for updates.

Walk/Run Spectators

Find out your best viewing options: Walk Run Spectators [PDF]


Discover your best location to park: Parking [PDF]

Additions this Year

Family rates (4+ members of a single unit family) may now enter with reduced entry fees.

  • 2.5 km route raise a minimum of $75 collectively;
  • 5 km route raise a minimum of $125 collectively;
  • Mixed routes raise a minimum of $125 collectively.

A prize has been donated for the family that raises the most funds based on a per person average. (Example: Family raises $200, 4 members of the family would average at $50 each).

Volunteers are needed in a wide variety of areas from timers to medical spotters.  Please contact the library for more information at 204-367-8443 or email

Participants will be entered into the Door Prize draws, come by the library and check out the donated prizes.