Puzzle Exchange

Puzzle Exchange

Last Updated 2022/03/22

The library has a free puzzle exchange program for patrons. Simply bring in a puzzle from home in good condition with all pieces included, and exchange it for another one!  […]

Crochet Club

Last Updated 2022/06/21

This club runs once every week from October through to March.  There is no cost, just a group of people who get together to assist each other with their love […]


Last Updated 2022/01/21

We have a wonderful variety of exhibits for you. Truth and Reconciliation Exhibit The day honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. Public commemoration […]

Book a Librarian – Tech Help

Last Updated 2022/03/07

The library staff would like to help you! If you need assistance trying to figure out something on your computer, tablet, or iPad and don’t know where to turn you’re […]

Disc Repair

Last Updated 2022/03/22

The library provides a disc repair service to the public.  For each disc to be cleaned the fee is $3.50 and you will be asked to fill in a slip […]

Reader’s Advisory Service

Last Updated 2017/09/14

Our staff is always willing to assist you in whichever manner you would like.  Just drop in and ask. The library staff checks the Globe and Mail’s Best Sellers list and […]

Library 24/7

Last Updated 2022/03/14

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Last Updated 2017/09/14


Summer Reading Program

Last Updated 2022/12/05

Coming Summer 2023 This program is geared for children ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old with a max of 15 children registered. We aim to help children become […]

Special Collections

Last Updated 2017/09/14

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